READY TO START | An Arcade Fire Primer (for Caity)

01. Intervention - Neon Bible02. Ready to Start - The Suburbs03. My Body is a Cage - Neon Bible04. Rebellion (Lies) - Funeral05. City with No Children - The Suburbs06. Haiti - Funeral07. Neon Bible - Neon Bible08. Neighborhood 3 (Power Out) - Funeral09.  Suburban War - The Suburbs10. Headlights Look Like Diamonds - Funeral11.(Antichrist Television Blues) - Neon Bible12. We Used to Wait - The Suburbs13. Crown of Love - Funeral14. Half Light II (No Celebration) - The Suburbs15. No Gars Go - Neon Bible16. Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains) - The Suburbs (ALSO: SNL)See also: Madison Square Garden Show, The Suburbs, GETTIN THAT GRAMMY, SNL cameo, the CUTEST, the GREATEST MOMENT OF MY LIFE SEEING THEM LIVE, etc
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